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*Youth do not need to be in college to participate in WRTU. The names for our pre-requisites are to implement the college theme.

WRTU 365! Curriculum

WRTU 365 curriculum will be accessed through Pathful. 

The 365! Process 

Work Readiness Training University (WRTU) 365! Experience 2023 is divided into 3 Phases: PLUG, Leadership Summit, and Summer Sessions. 200 lucky applicants who have quickly and accurately submitted their application, supporting documents,  and assignments, will have an opportunity to be selected by their coach to participate in the Leadership Summit. 

If you are interested in participating and are not TANF-eligible, we are requiring a "Pay-to-Play" fee of $250.00 per participant. This amount would be due in full upon receipt of official acceptance into the Experience. Stay tuned for additional details.

PHASE 1: P.L.U.G. 


P.L.U.G. is three paid weeks of virtual 1 on 1 coaching, workshops, a pitch contest, and self-paced learning assessments. This phase provides an opportunity for our youth to meet their coach and their cohort, while introducing them to job competencies before embarking on our premiere Summer Experience!​

PHASE 2: WRTU Scholar Experience



Community Project

Breakfast with Champions Ceremony

Campus Overnight & Bonus

PHASE 3: Summer Programming

cw (2).jpeg


WRTU Permier Summer Work Experience is 6-weeks of themed curriculum that help youth navigate, Soft & Hard Skills, Career Exploration, S.T.E.A.M Actvities, Leadership and Mental Wellness.

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